Northeast Hope for Haiti is comprised of a diverse group of people reaching out to the people of Haiti.

Initially responding to the devastation which occurred that twelfth day of January, 2010, a group of North Country doctors & nurses came together to go and help the people of Haiti under the sponsorship of New Hope Baptist Church, Watertown, New York.  In February 2010 the team traveled to Haiti for one week to set up desperately needed health clinics.  During that week our team cared for 2,643 people.  The work that was accomplished and the destruction that was witnessed left it’s mark on each and every member of our team.


It was then that we decided to form a nonprofit organization and continue the mission.   NE Hope for Haiti is an all volunteer team made up of people from all walks of life.  Our diverse team is currently made up of Doctors, Pastors, Deacons, Nurses, Construction Workers, Homemakers, etc. Through the efforts of Dr. Walter Dodard, a native of Haiti, we have a permanent base of operations in the village of L’Artibonite.


NE Hope for Haiti has also been granted rights to land in Palmise, a village not far from L’Artibonite, to construct a clinic and school. Our Goal is to bring medical care and education to this village which currently has no access to either of these basic needs. Until the building is completed we will work out of temporary makeshift “clinic rooms.”


Of course building a clinic is not cheap, even in Haiti! We welcome any contribution to help us achieve this effort. If you would be interested in joining us on a mission trip please contact us.


NE Hope for Haiti is a not-for-profit organization, currently operating under New Hope Baptist Church, in which all members of our team are strictly volunteer.  All monies donated to the organization are used for the buying of supplies, food, medical equipment, material, hire local interpreters, etc… to conduct the works of the clinic.   Our financial records are open and available to the public at anytime, upon request.


We work alongside our friends in Haiti.  It is not our vision to rebuild without the help, input and knowledge of our dear Haitian friends.  Working along side them and not for them allows the professionals on our team to teach and demonstrate new techniques that the people of Haiti may adopt (should they decide) to better their understanding and knowledge that we use in the United States. Also having them participate, such as in building the clinic, gives them ownership of the project, and some very much needed income.

Our current team consists of, Dr. Walter Dodard, several nurses, teachers, general contractors, pharmacists, and more. We are excited to have such a diverse team in place. We feel by having a plethora of specialties, we are able to maximize what we are able to offer.  We currently run two types of medical mission trips:  surgical & mobile clinics.  Reach out to find out more information.  We would love to have you join us.


For the people of Haiti.

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