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You can help!  Here are three ways to get involved

By donating your money, supplies, or time, you’re positively impacting the lives of Haitians in need. We strive to ensure that every dollar, minute, or item you donate is used as effectively and efficiently as possible. Below you’ll find a button that leads to you PayPal donatations center.  There you can make a monetary contribution securely and conveniently. We thank you for all that you are able to provide for our mission.



Monetary donations help us in a broad range of ways. Vital supplies, medical items, travel costs and more are paid for with the help of your generous donations. Below is a PayPal donate button that allows you to make a secure donation at your convenience. You can also head to the Contact page for alternate donation methods (for example, sending a personal check – call us for more info).


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We bring an incredible amount of supplies with us to aid our efforts during Haiti mission trips. From the most basic daily-use items to a wide assortment of medical supplies, you can help us keep well stocked. Contact us today to find out what supplies we need most.


From fundraisers to mission trips, we’d love to have you help us out by donating what’s most valuable of all, your time. Head to our Contact page for the best ways to reach us. We’ll let you know what volunteer opportunities are available.

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Volunteer Information

If you are serious about volunteering to go on a medical mission trip to Haiti, please fill out the Volunteer Application.

If you are already signed up to go on a trip to Haiti, please fill out the Volunteer Agreement & Liability Release.