Nov 2017 Mobile Clinic Trip

We had a fantastic trip to Haiti this November.  The NE Hope for Haiti bus was up and running and provided reliable transportation to and from the Port-au-Prince airport to Petite Rivière.

The first day, we set up a clinic in a field in the town of Palmiste.  Every year, Palmiste residents gather and form a line in the field to get seen by the doctors.  The field has beautiful views of rice fields and mountains in the background.

The second day we set up a clinic in an elementary school in Jumelle.  In this town there is a higher prevalence of hypertension, so the doctors were treating a lot of high blood pressures.

On the third and final clinic day, we set up in a brand new school in the mountain town of Cao.  This facility was beautiful and allowed us to establish and maintain very efficient  patient flow.  The doctors ended up seeing 610 patients in total in the town of Cao.

On the way to the airport on our last day, we stopped at the Voice of Compassion of the Children of Haiti orphanage in Port-au-Prince to give each of the kids a physical exam and hand out donated toys collected in America before the trip.

In total, we saw and treated over 1700 patients on this trip.  Scroll down to see more pictures from the trip.  Click on these links if would like to support our next trip, join our email list for regular updates, or learn more about volunteering on a trip!

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